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Your local reliable and friendly dog walker covering Plumstead, Woolwich, Shooters Hill, Eltham and surroundings areas. 

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Hi! I am Seraphina, I am a dog walker who provides a fun, reliable and friendly service. I cover Plumstead, Charlton, Shooters Hill and Eltham as well as surrounding areas. I do most of the dog walks in Oxleas Woods, Shrewsbury Park and East Wickham open spaces. 

I ensure that each dog gets the attention, care and love they need by either bringing their favourite ball on the walk or changing up their scenery to make each dog walk a stimulating experience for them.

I am fully insured, DBS checked and the vehicle used has air conditioning for those hot summer months so the dogs are comfortable when being taken for their dog walk. 

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Dog Walking: I offer a fun and stimulating dog walk for all of the dogs in my care. I organise all of the dog walks carefully and take into consideration their personalities so that they are grouped with others of similar nature. This ensures they have a safe dog walk but are also able to develop and maintain their social skills whilst feeling comfortable in their pack. All dog walks are 1 hour long this does not include travel time. They are walked in lovely parks such as Oxleas Woods and Shrewsbury park as well as a few others, I aim to switch up the parks they walk in to keep them stimulated. Water, poop bags and a good towel dry are provided. 

Cat Feeding: ​My cat feeding services are tailored to your cats needs, whilst they get to stay in the security of their own home. I can visit once or twice a day depending on what you would prefer. I will feed them, play with them and clean out their litter tray as well as cleaning out their water bowl. 


All dogs are collected from their home in an fully air conditioned vehicle (for the summer months) and taken for a 1 hour walk in the park with three other dogs. I provide water, poop bags and if muddy they will get towel dried. 

1 hour group walk: £13 

2 dogs from the same household: £24


For cats I will visit your house daily to feed them and give fresh water, have a play with them and change their litter. I can visit twice a day also if this is something you require. I can also do basic plant watering, open/closing curtains and turning lights on and off. 

£12 per visit.



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